Industrial Bag Uses

When ordering industrial poly bags, it is vital to consider their styles and the purpose needed. They are a stable item and you see them in stores, restaurants, factories, in packaging and in for daily use like carrying shopping items or packing food. They are available in various colors and several high dollar companies promote their services on the cover. Industrial poly bags can be passed around and used more than once. The bags can be recycled easily to make new polythene products.

A fabric cushion is included as a part of textile ingredient for an airbag, which is folded into the center of the steering wheel (for the driver) or in the glove compartment (for the front seat passenger). Generally, the bag is woven by nylon 6, 6 filament yarns, which are in demand in huge quantities because of their high strength-to-weight ratio, favorable elongation, adequate thermal properties and relatively low cost of production. Other properties required are high tear strength, high anti-seam slippage, controlled air permeability and be capable for being folded into confined places for over ten years without deterioration.

Although jumbo bags are available with pop up loops enabling a skilled lift truck operator to discharge bags from a stack single handed, it is still common practice for an assistant to climb on to the stack to help thread the bag lifting loops on to the lift truck tines: this person is at risk of falling or being crushed by a collapsing stack, although thankfully this type of accident is extremely rare.

Valve bag filling machines are another option. This can be done manually or through an automated measure and will be able to fill up to 400bph per spout. These can fill both 5kg or 50kg bags, and they are ideal for paper and polypropylene. For those who are looking for high output and efficiency, this is a great option.